Auto Attendant is your virtual receptionist or IVR, that can greet all inbound calls and direct the caller to the department they requirer. Example: “Welcome to Our Company if you would like to speak to our customer service team press one, accounts press two….”

With Auto Attendant you can:

  • Use time schedules to set when your auto attendant in be active.
  • Set a time for response time, before the Auto Attend message replays.
  • Choose how many times to replay Auto Attend message, before the calls get directed to the number Auto Attend is set up on.
  • Create a greeting only. Limit the Auto Attendant to a greeting message then use the call forward to route the call once the greeting message completes (see simple Quick Guide – Greeting Only).



  1. Log in to your > select number you wish to set up Auto Attendant.
  2. Select Inbound Calls > Auto Attendant.
  3. Either record your Auto Attendant message or upload your recording in Media.
  4. Set your time you want your Auto Attendant play.
  5. Select the numbers you want to use for in your Auto Attendant. Note: If you are planning on using extension think about creating cohesion with your extension dialling numbers.
  6. Click Save settings to update your settings (see Quick Guide – Simple Queue below).Quick Guide


  1. Log in to cloud PBX > select number you wish to set up Auto Attendant
  2. Select Cloud PBX > Inbound Calls > Auto Attendant.
  3. Set your Target numbers and time schedules.
  4. Set Seconds to Wait: 2 Times to play: 1 (see screenshot below)
  5. DO NOT set forwarding numbers within the AutoAttendant (see screenshot below)
  6. Set Call Forward: Use Forwarding and trunking to route the call to the required function (eg Queue or SimRing)
  7. Click Save settings to update your settings.